Renmin Park

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Jianmen Shudao

The Jianmen Pass (Jianmen Guan) and the Sichuan Road (Shudao) make up what was once the most important (the most direct) of thejianmenshudao,chengdu few routes into Sichuan and onto the Sichuan plain during ancient times. Presently, it is a major tourist destination that includes many cultural relics and sites.

Thoughout the area, the 72 peaks of Jianmen Mountain (formerly known as Sword Mountain (Dajian Shan) rise up like the fangs of a dragon or the points of straight swords. The peaks are dangerously steep due to water erosion. Its 72 peaks rise up high like sharp swords pointing directly into the sky. The rock faces around the Jianmen Pass are particularly steep, creating a perfect spot for a gate.

This pass was the most important of the three routes into Sichuan in ancient times. During the Three Kingdoms period, the prime minister of the ancient state of Wu, Zhuge Liang, had a large gate set up in the center of the Dajian Shan range of peaks. The gate pavilion was then named Jianmenguan (Sword Gate Pass).

How to get Jianmen Shudao : Excursions to the Jianmen Pass area can be arranged by us.


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