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Beijing - As the proud capital of modern China, is fast becoming a popular, fashionable tourist destination, for good reason too.

Beijing is not only the modern political, cultural and educational center of China, but holds the biggest collection of ancient sites and relics in whole China. Beijing has been at the center of China - the heart and soul of politics and society for over 5000 years. If the pace of change in the city today is anything to judge by, Beijing is determined to stay at the forefront of Chinese civilization.

As you fly into Beijing, the most famous site in all of China, the Great Wall, rises up beneath, slithering its way like a dragon along the tops of the surrounding mountains. Seen from above, other city sites gradually appear, well ordered and arranged in a grid, in keeping with the principles of Feng Shui.

The sheer size of the Beijing is reflected at almost every level. The magnificent Forbidden City with the vast Tiananmen Square all add to the feeling and atmosphere that Beijing is, always has been, a city that means business.

Beijing is a city with a lot to offer. Home to over 1000 years of imperial rule, and now the hub of modern China's political system,

Any visit to this modern capital must include a trip to the major historical sites. But it's certainly worth getting to know Beijing a little deeper than this. Take some time and make the effort to explore the sites of Beijing that are less well known. The Hutongs of Beijing, the small windy alleyways between the city's main boulevards are delightful. Taking a stroll here, you'll experience the more authentic parts of the city and really get to grips with the old Beijing. The city is ideally located too, for trips outside Beijing itself. Follow the trend set by the emperors and take a retreat away from hectic city life to the Summer Palace.

Beijing is now catching up on what it missed while dormant. China has awakened like a lion from its slumber and Skyscrapers are shooting up across the city at an unstoppable pace. Five star hotels now provide excellent service, restaurants offer some of the best food in the world, from all over the world and the city's bar scene is surprisingly trendy. The shops here too, rival those of any large Western city.
Beijing is an international metropolis and a melting pot of different cultures now inhabit this traditionally Chinese city. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and explore and experience, life in this rapidly changing and exciting city!

If you can see only one city in China, it should be Beijing.

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forbidden city china
Forbidden City
Summer Palace China
Summer Palace
Temple of Heaven
Beihai Park
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